Our Partners

P3 communications GmbH (P3Com) is the German coordinator of the project. P3Com focuses on the critical communications aspect of the infrastructures and include the exploration of the European perspective of the BERCOM results and a cost benefit analysis of a roll out in different European countries.

EDF is the WP1 leader. EDF contributes primarily to the definition of the energy use case which focuses on the use of LTE for remote control and configuration of distributed automation equipment. EDF participates in the identification of the security requirements and the definition of the architecture, as well as their validation (WP1, WP2, WP5, WP7).

The Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS provides application-orientated solutions for partners in industry, research and public administration. Developments in BERCOM concentrate on the integration of eMBMS (Evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service), which allows to use broadcast and multicast services on the radio cell level. The toolkits Open5GMTC and Open5Gcore offer an experimental platform for realizing demonstration scenarios.


Rudolf Roth


Ruhr-University Bochum (RUB) is the home of the Horst Görtz Institute (HGI), one of Europe's largest university-based institutions for interdisciplinary research in the field of IT security. The BERCOM project is associated with the Chair for Systems Security at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. The focus of RUB in the BERCOM project is IT and communication security, in particular the security analysis of LTE communications and LTE devices.

TU Dortmund University (TUDO) provides the project’s spokesperson. The Communication Networks Institute (CNI) focusses its activities on the development, implementation and performance evaluation of novel communication solutions. Software-Defined Networking and LTE edge-cloud services are central aspects of TU Dortmund’s contribution within the BERCOM project.

The Institute for High Voltage Technology (IFHT) will be working on the BERCOM project on behalf of the RWTH Aachen University. The IFHT is one of the leading scientific institutions in the field of energy research in Germany and addresses topics ranging from classical high voltage components to the European energy supply system. With its research expertise in power systems RWTH Aachen contributes primarily to the energy-system related tasks and the interdisciplinary demonstration and hardening.

P3 energy & storage GmbH (P3ene) focuses on retroactive effects due to attacks on information and communication systems of critical infrastructures. Therefore the definition of a resilient system architecture considering the characteristics of todays and future energy infrastructure is essential. The security concepts developed in BERCOM project will be integrated into a simulator and attacks on critical infrastructure communications will be performed. P3ene provides inside knowledge on SOTA and future power systems in all phases of the project.


Tim Montag


AIRBUS Defence & Space is a division of the AIRBUS Group responsible for defence and aerospace products and services. AIRBUS is Europe’s premier aerospace and defense player. In terms of market share, AIRBUS is one of the top two manufacturers of commercial aircraft, civil helicopters, commercial space launchers and missiles. AIRBUS is also a leading supplier of military aircraft, satellites and defense electronics.

NAVECOM is a French SME specialized into NAVigation & COMmunication engineering. For maritime navigation, NAVECOM has contributed to a few bridge assistance software packages (ASTROLAB, AMILCANTARAT, NAVHYB). In telecommunication, NAVECOM was a pioneer for V2V direct mode, in UHF-EHF using TDMA with a statistical synchronization. NAVECOM is presently working on the potential use of TD-LTE and D2D extensions for ITS and Railways, as a successor of GSM-R and proprietary technologies. In BERCOM project, NAVECOM focuses on WP1 and WP2, mainly in Transport and Water domains; a little about scenarios as derived from Energy ones. 

PSI AG with its electrical energy department contributes knowhow for electrical grids and SCADA/DMS and SCADA/EMS control centers in WP2, focuses in WP3 on interdependency aspects between electrical grid and critical communication and supports WP4 and WP5 with practical knowledge about industrial control systems. PSI will also contribute a demo SCADA/DMS system for demonstrator in WP6 to the BERCOM project.

WSB Service focuses on communication technologies used for wind and solar parks due to its experience in operation management and contributes to the live demonstrator test in a real test environment. We manage a comprehensive process, beginning with project planning (realised by partner companies of the WSB group), technical and commercial management through to on-site service and maintenance of energy generation facilities.


(*) WSB has withdrawn his services by the end of 2016

Air-Lynx SAS is a French company that designs and manufactures private 4G LTE networks dedicated to professional use. Such networks are self-consistent solutions that can be used for critical site audio, video and data communications. In BERCOM Air-Lynx contributes to LTE communications related research works with a specific focus on demonstration platform.


Didier Raffenoux


Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives (CEA) is the French coordinator of the project. CEA focuses on the definition of preventive and reactive security solutions at physical and network layers, as well as on the use of SDN-based mechanisms for network management and resilience.

Stadtwerk Haßfurt GmbH, founded in 1955, is the municipal multi-utility supplying company of the administrative district of Haßfurt, providing electric energy, water, gas and heating to more than 10.000 households, companies and public buildings.

Stadtwerke Kelheim GmbH & Co KG, founded in 1902, is the municipal multi-utility supplying company of the administrative district of Kelheim, providing electric energy, water, gas and heating to more than 20.000 households, companies and public buildings.