October 2015 , Launch Event in Berlin, Germany:   The Franco-German BERCOM project (Blueprint for Pan-European Resilient Critical Infrastructures based on LTE Communications) was launched in order to increase the resilience of critical infrastructures by appropriate adaptation of the emerging mobile technologies.

November 2015 , 6th Fokus FUSECO Forum:   Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Wietfeld, from TU Dortmund University, was presenting the BERCOM project at the 6th Fokus FUSECO Forum 2015 in Berlin, Germany

January 2016 - Milestone Meeting 02 in Paris, France

September 2016 - Milestone Meeting 03 in Dortmund, Germany

October 2016 -1st year achievements presented at Agence Nationale de la Recherche in Paris, France

February 2017 - Milestone Meeting 04 in Paris, France

September 2017 - Milestone Meeting 05 in Bochum, Germany